Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer is coming to an end!

It is impossible to believe summer 2016 is basically history and autumn is already on the horizon. It would seem designers have not been lazing away in the sun but, rather, have been producing a plethora of enticing projects for our enjoyment.

From With Thy Needle & Thread, we have Autumn’s Fruitful Labor, One For The Crow, Scary Mouse and I Rest My Needle – all exciting designs to welcome the fall season.

Also in the shop are two new Ink Circles designs to pique your travel curiosity. Reflections of Scotland and Reflections of New York, both stitched with Gloriana silks, are quite contemporary in nature. Hands On Design has Part 2 of her Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments and Hey There Pumpkin to get the holiday juices flowing.

We have just received a variety of designs from the Norden Online Market as well as a new shipment of Platinum Tapestry needles.  

Still to come in the very near future are three super designs from Plum Street: Caroline Broomhead, Hurt Not The Earth and A Merry Hart. Must see! Lizzie Kate’s 2016 Santa, Tiny Tidings XXI, and Pumpkin Pocket should be here any day. We anxiously await that package. 

Mark September 8th on your calendar as the beginning of Harvest Market Hop –Online Needlework Show.  We predict many fun things to come!

WEEKS DYE WORKS SPECIAL -- August 23 through August 31, 2016. Stop by and restock your supply of Weeks floss and save 10% on your Weeks purchase.

We look forward to seeing you soon.