Monday, September 17, 2018

What a difference a day makes!

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we were enjoying early Autumn and today Summer has returned. Luckily, needlework designers keep moving at their impossible pace to bring us projects and ideas to cover all seasons. We have a number of these new designs in the shop and more on the way.


Join us for a 2-day sale to celebrate the upcoming season. Take 20% off your total order on Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22. This sale covers all inventory in the shop on those two days. Come join the fun!

Coming Soon from Country Cottage: Glitter Village is a series of 9 designs that will be released consecutively for 9 months. Each small house can be stitched to stand alone or put together to show the entire village. Thus far, we have seen only two houses but, as always, they are darling. A photo of the village is shown in the picture section.

Some of the other new things shown below include: Put On The Hat by Hands On Design. This Halloween design needs no explanation, as it says it all. All you need is a hat and a cat! Barbara Ana has an outstanding 3-part Halloween design titled Black Cat Hollow. Each section includes busy little witches and their black cat partners surrounded by pumpkins. See photo.

Heart in Hand has a new addition to her Bird Sampler Series. Tom Turkey Sampler is a folk art, handsome, monochromatic turkey. Great addition to your fall display. Cecilia also has two new Christmas designs:  Wee One: Christmas Night features stockings and a neat holiday verse. In addition, there is a sweet little ornament titled Wee One: Glad Tidings. A peaceful crèche sits atop a snowy hill, carefully guarded by three little animals. We also have the Wee Santa 2018 by Heart in Hand.

Two beautiful bird designs have just arrived from Cottage Garden. Merry and Bright features everyone’s favorite cardinal sitting in a surround of greenery and red berries. Also, Winter’s Wisdom which shows 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets and Conifers. Beautiful!

Watch for our Halloween specials in late October. Happy stitching while you enjoy this beautiful season.

Monday, August 6, 2018

New Autumn Designs

Seems only yesterday we were talking about the beginning of summer, but today the school buses are rolling and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a number of new autumn designs.

We are anticipating arrival of four newbies from Cecilia Turner at Heart in Hand. Everyone has been waiting for Bird in the Hand: Autumn, which is the final installment in the set of four seasonal Bird in Hand designs. These designs are great stitched alone or joined and finished using a free border available from our shop. Please see photo showing the entire set stitched together. Also from Cecilia is Harvest on Dahlia Ridge where a lovely maiden has yielded quite a harvest – super-sized dahlias and pumpkins galore to gather. Delightful wooden pumpkin buttons are included with each chart.  

Wee Santa 2018 is coming along in this shipment. The 23rd annual Santa celebrates the jolly old elf’s cold weather home as Santa is joined by a snowman, snowy owl and a tiny bird perched on Santa’s mustache. A must have!

Brenda Gervais has also been working on a number of new autumn creations: Bittersweet & Broomsticks features a darling little witch with her basket of pumpkins and, of course, bittersweet branches. Next comes Basketful of Autumn Time; the third in a four-part seasonal series. This chart shows another little witch carrying a BOO banner over a basket filled with pumpkins surrounded by flying bats. The Cat & the Moon is the 3rd basket in the gardener’s peat pot series. Cute, cute cat in this chart. A must see!

The designs mentioned above are just a drop in the bucket of new things in the shop and on the road here. Please stop to see for yourself. If you have not seen the latest Plum Street animal collection (Hen Peck, Cow Pile, Snort Stack and more), it is whimsical and just plain fun.

The 2018 Just Cross Stitch Halloween book is here and the Christmas book should be here shortly. Sounds like a very busy stitching season.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Summer has arrived in Louisville!

Summer, with all its heat and humidity, has for sure made it to Louisville.  Time to collect a cool drink and new stitching projects to enjoy a quiet afternoon.  That’s where we come in! We have a list of new designs here and on the way, but first let me tell you about our July Specials.

Beginning July 5 through July 14, we are offering 10% off the following items:

Little House Hometown Holiday Series
All Blackbird designs in stock
Shepherd’s Bush Trifles Collection

Here are a few of the new designs for the summer season and beyond.  Scissortail Designs has a clever patriotic design named Rise and Shine; Country Cottage shares her darling sheep with a saying, “Every Heart,” for the 4th of July holiday; Knee High By the 4th of July is a new one by Hands On Design. There is something for everyone for the upcoming holiday.

Plum Street Designs has a set of three cute, cute animals.  Included are Goat Load, Sheep Heap and Snort Stack.  Check out the photos!

Brenda Gervais has four new designs: Betsy Snyder, 1822 is an antique reproduction sampler, faithfully reproduced.  Really darling is Queen Of The Needle – especially for those who love being a queen.  Farmyard Parade features the Woolsons (Ora and Ida) who are the Grand Marshalls for the 4th of July Parade.  Strawberries & Stripes is a small bluebird/strawberry design to fit on a peat pot basket (second in a series).

The Finishing Touch will be closed on July 4th.  Enjoy the holiday.  Happy Summer Stitching!

Monday, April 9, 2018

New Items from Nashville Market

While anxiously awaiting the true beginning of spring, here  are some of our new items from Nashville market.  Of course, there many new things since market as well.  We are still recovering from all the Nashville hustle and bustle and the shop is full!

DMC has introduced 35 new colors to their line and Patti Connor has designed the cutest graph featuring her special bird and whimsical flowers, using all 35 colors. This piece is stitched on Stormy linen; and to introduce you to these beautiful colors, we have Patti’s leaflet, 35 colors and linen to stitch it at a 15% discount.  Stop by and get yours by April 30.

Recent new arrivals include:  Long May She Wave—A Patriotic Series by Abby Rose.  This is the first in a four-part series of  patriotic designs.  Photo below.

“Spring ABC’S” by Little House is the third in a series of seasonal designs.  Spring includes bunnies, birds and flowers.  This would be a fun collection for each season.  Photo included.

Cecilia Turner, Heart in Hand, offers “Wonderful Life,” 
which really is a wonderful birth sampler or a fun addition to a child’s room.  This graph includes small animals, a hot air balloon, a feeling of the forest  and darling buttons to complete the picture.

Basket of Summer, yet another beautiful design from Brenda Gervais, shows a colonial house, the lady of the house and her dog, flying their flags.  Brenda presented nine new designs at Nashville market. Drop by and check them out.

From Carriage House comes a lighthouse inspired by one of the oldest lighthouses on the Chesapeake Bay.  Beautiful design stitched mostly in blue silk.

This seems to be the year of stitching a series.  Coming June 1, Amy Brueken is beginning a series of 12 fancy Santas dressed in colorful suits for each season.  We are still adding names to our list to receive 2 Santas at a time.  There are 13 graphs in the series, including the words shown in the center of the design.  Santas are $10.00 each.  Come join the group!

Little House has an ongoing Farmhouse Christmas.  This is a series of nine designs taking you back to the “good old days.”  We are working on the third design, Grandpa’s Truck.  See photo.  It is not too late to join the fun. 

Seems as though everyone has a series this year and Plum Street Samplers is no exception. Paulette’s Noah’s Christmas Ark has six graphs with two designs each.  Part #3 is coming soon, so it would be easy to catch up.  Pictured here is Noah’s Christmas Ark I.  We also have a group stitching this series.  Here at the shop, we have the 7 new Plum Street designs from market. 

We are excited to have a full shop of new ideas to share with you.  Wishing you a glorious spring!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Super Bowl Saturday and Upcoming Nashville Market

Christmas decorations are back in storage and shop inventory is finished, so it must be time to relax and enjoy all the 2018 presentations from our favorite designers.

Super Bowl Saturday – To help you prepare for a Super Bowl Sunday, we are having a DMC floss sale.  Buy one – Get one free.  This sale covers regular DMC floss as well as #5, #8 and #12 DMC Perle cotton.  Join us Saturday, February 3, from 10 until 2.  While here, you may find just the right project for Super Bowl.

Nashville Market is coming very soon!  March 2, 3 and 4, 2018, we will be attending and shopping the Nashville market for you.  Our Market Saturday will be March 10 from 10-3.  If you see anything you need to put on your wish list, please let us know and we will make every effort to get it.  Mark your calendar and do not miss Market Saturday.

Here are some of the items in the shop now as well as coming soon.

Lizzie Kate’s seasonal series continues with Winter Smalls; a collection of four designs that are not only very cute but quick to stitch. See photo.  Also from Linda, a new Inspirational Boxer-The Things That We Love.  Boxer also pictured here.

Just Nan has a new mouse in her house. Frosty Winter Mouse has a house covered in snow and icy beaded flakes with winter robins greeting you from the front door. The mouse who lives there is ready to welcome you.  Also from Nan, a darling needle slide featuring 3 snowmen.  Great item for your accessory collection.

Kelmscott has a wonderful new Martha Washington Threadkeep.  Martha is the first in a collection of First Lady Threadkeeps.  The new threadkeep group also includes a French schoolgirl and French Birds Singing Vintage Post Card.  My favorite piece has to be the new vintage sheep scissors.  A must have!

Stacy Nash has added a darling snow person to her Animal Crackers series.  Now Whittaker has a new pal named Paisley.
Check out their photo.

There are many more new things in the shop, including several from designers in Europe.  Stop by and check these out.

Looking forward to a new year filled with stitching, sharing and visiting with you.